Dec 11, 2012

03 December

Aloha all you Elder Wilson fans out there. We got you guys a real treat for today. Elder Wilson had a pretty good week this last week and he's gonna tell you about it right now...... Well this week was awesome we had alot of really good lessons and we got two baptism dates for the 15 of December CHHHHEEEEEEEE HUUUUUUUUUUUUU. one of their names are Kahea, she's awesome her and her boyfriend just got married a few weeks ago and he's a returning member. They have a little new born baby and they are ready to be an eternal family. the whole family was less active but they've all been coming to church every week. its cool how something as little as going to church or reading your scriptures or even praying together as a family can make such a huge impact and bring such huge blessings. thats probably one of my favorite parts of being a missionary is seeing families change together. The next one we have is Caroline! she's solid. Her boyfriend is a returning member too. his name is isileli he's tongan. they;re getting married on the 12th and then getting baptized on the 15th. we get to help kill the pigs for the wedding. im pretty excited. Which brings me to the next matter of business. Today for pday we got to help butcher 3 cows. it was an awesome experience. i got to learn where my food is coming from. im kind of in mountain man mode right now learning how to kill all these animals for eat. its pretty cool. i though about sending pictures but then i looked over'em and i don't think i should send'em haha but just know it was awesome. We had six gators come to church this week which was awesome. things are looking good over here on the BIg ISland and im loving every minute of it. Thanks for all you guys do.  Your all #1 in my book. I love all you guys. Stay tuned for next weeks edition of.... Big Blacks Corner! Aloha!!!!!

Nov 26, 2012

26 November 2012

Well hello there people. i hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving and you at alot. There is a couple sayings they say over here when it comes to eating. the first one is "if you shame, you starve." and they my Hela Hela which just means no shame. we had a good time over here though. We had three dinners this year which was two to many. we were stuffed. and we gotta play in the turkey bowell so that was super fun. So this week something cool happened well actually a couple things. the first is that we have this guy named ricky who i never met until wednesday but his wife is the relief society president. so we finally met him and we taught him and we told us he's ready to be baptized. Yeah Buddy! so we teach him lessons and he teaches me hawaiian songs on my ukulele so its a win win for us all! and then on sunday bishop came up to us and was like. i got a referal for you and we were stoked to get a referal and he gave it to us and then he told us he already commited them to get baptized on the 15th of December. it was solid. our bishop is the man. They are getting married on the 11th and then gonna get dunked. Were pretty stoked. Oh yeah one more thing. it snowed up on the mountain a few days ago. i was super stoked. when they get more im gonna go up and make a snow angle. it'll be great. Ok i gotta go. you are all great and i love you all tons. thanks for being awesome. For reals though im greatful for all of you in my life. Love you and Aloha!!!

19 November 2012

ALOHER, Family and friends. Guess what its thanksgiving this week and
i am Thankful for all of you. You are all the Bees Knees and the Cats
Pajamas. For reals though you are all so great. I hope everyone is
gonna have a Grade A thanksgiving. Like they say out here eat till you
drop. If you Shame you Starve so just keep eating haha. you'll feel
really good about yourself. Well this week was kinda slow not a whole
ton happened. we need some more people to teach. But we did however go
and see will. he had a date for the 24th but he hasn't stopped
smoking. im not giving up on him though cause he reminds me so much of
Jeff, i love going over there. so keep will in your prayers. Today we
went to the volcano. we shoulda went early cause we didn't see any
lava. lots of steam though but overall it was pretty cool. Aight i
gotta get. i love all of you and im thankful for all your bright
smiling cute little faces! love you guys. Aloha!!!

Nov 8, 2012

05 November 2012

Well Aloha Family. Well this week we were crazy busy. it was ridiculous. But guess what. We did have a baptism!!!!!! pretty stoke about that. It was for a little 9 year old girl named Kamomi and she's awesome. SO that was probably the highlight of the week. I ment to send pictures but i left my camera in another elders car,so i'll get it sent off next week for sure. Also this week i had to sing at two baptisms with another elder. it was good though. im getting i played the ukulele and we both sang. haha im getting less and less scared so by the time i get home i should be good. haha lets see, today we went looking for some wild boars. we didn't get one though the one of the dogs had one pinned but it was to big for it so it got aways. next time though. Aight family thats alls i gots time for but you are all great and i love you all. Keep up the good work team. Aloha!!!

Oct 19, 2012

15 October 2012

Aloha! this week we saw some real miracles. ok so first off we needed some new people to teach so we decided to go through all our former gators and see if they were ready yet. Holy cow we biked so hard and it was so hot. its been super hot lately. So we had a few positive outcomes from the whole situation. #1 we were able to find two new gators who are awesome, #2 we got 4 new dates for baptism yeah buddy. and #3 i probably lost like 7 pounds haha so yeah im lookin really good right now haha! Today we had Zone conference and we were trained on this new thing called the prayer approach. I don't have enough time to tell you about it but last week the elders in the mission that tried the pray approach as a mission we got 300 plus new investigators. Crazy right. Buts gonna require us to be super bold and super confident so we'll see how this first week goes. im pretty stoked. so NExt week i'll let you all know a little more about how it goes and the success we have. Aight i gotta go. You are all great and i love you all you guys. ALoha!!

Oct 8, 2012

08 October, 2012

Whats up Family. hows everything going. So Conference was awesome. There were so many good talks. and there are gonna be so many missionaries going out into the field. its gonna be great. I really like Elder Ballards talk it was really good and straight to the point. But i think my favorite was Elder Uchtdorfs i think it was Saturday morning session. He talked about Regrets that people had as they said before they passed. He said something that really stuck with me and that im gonna remember for the rest of my life he said. "Dont wait to die to know how to truly live." This life is awesome its such a blessing to be on this earth in this time. We need to be happy with whatever life throws at us. life is to short to be unhappy with yourself and with those around you. if your not happy fix that right now. we all have so much to be happy about. Im happy cause i get to be a missionary, and im in hawaii...  haha yeah im in hawaii in case anyone has forgotten. But for reals though the mission and the gosple is awesome its all about happiness and making a better life for ourselves and those around us. The gosple has changed my life for sure. So be happy people. no need be sad! Earlier this week we had transfers and i got some new callings. #1 is that im training a new missionary. His name is Elder Dorny and he's from colorado. we couldn't be more different. but there's a reason that we are together. i just need to figure out what it is. its gonna be a good learning experience for the both of use. #2 is i got called to be the district leader. im a little nervous about this one but hopefully i'll be ok. it'll be good for me. So we did something crazy this week. Elder Dorny sat out on this one so me and Elder Maughan went. So we have this way cool investigator named Rod and he is raising a couple of sheep . one of the sheeps names was ono cabob. Ono means good haha. so it was time for ono cabob to go. and we got to help him kill it and get the meet...... it was crazy. i've never done anything like that but it was a good learning experience. I'll leave out all the details but it was a good learning experience. it was good to see where my food comes from i guess. Next time were doing a pig. Im learning to live off the land out here and its super cool. Well i gots to go. i hope everyone had a good conference weekend i love all of you. Oh thanks for the ties Becky they were all Grade A! i really liked the pink and silver one! ALoha!

01 October 2012

Well its Transfer week and Elder Davis is going home, I'll miss the kid, he's for sure my favorite companion, haha he's getting married in December, Crazy right. Well that means i'll be getting a new companion and guess what, Im training a new missionary again! haha i have mixed feelings about this but don't worry most them them are all good feelings. I heard there is another Elder Wilson coming out here so maybe we'll end up being together we'll see though. i'll send a picture next week. Im super stoked for conference. It makes me kinda miss home though cause its so close to home. I'll be looking in the crowd to see if i see anyone there. But i love watching conference on my mission. it always seems like its directed to me. Well Thats all i have time for this week, sorry its so short next week i'll have more to talk about Guarentee! Love you all and ALoha!!